Robust Real Time Pricing

A highly scalable platform for realtime pricing and publishing of complex financial products and the ease of use of Excel.


Excel to Server Migration

Dramatically accelerate the centralized deployment of mission-critical solutions originally built in Microsoft Excel.


Cloud Based Solutions

Offload segments of your Excel-based solutions to the Cloud. Anima Cloud is Sayula's premium hosted service.


Real Time Feed Monitoring

Non-invasive realtime monitoring and alert notification for most commercial market data feeds.


Real Time Pricing: Structured Products, a Success Story.


Structured equity derivative products are very dynamic. Their life cycle can vary substantially due to the number of contingent variables included in each product. Because of this, a good pricing infrastructure for them should be also quite dynamic and thus able to interactively control a large number of the parameter values used to determine their price. Mainly because of this, Excel has been the customary first choice as their pricing infrastructure. However, as we all know very well, Excel is not the best choice for a mission critical enterprise platform. Learn how Anima’s platform is being successfully used at a well-known Swiss financial institution where the optimization of their processes for creation, configuration, and launching of structured products is key to revenue generation. Read More ...


Anima brings Together Real-time Analytics, Excel, and the Web.


Consistent analytics anytime. Instantly deploy new and existing full-fledged spreadsheet models in Excel and the Web. No matter how soon you need your analytics online, Anima delivers a programming-free, high-performance and completely dynamic interfacing to your own or third party analytic libraries.

Consistent analytics anywhere. Feed your analytics with real-time multi-vendor market data in your time zone of choice; interact with your spreadsheet models online and in Excel. No matter where you are, Anima's distributed architecture lets you access your models and guarantees the consistency of all analytic results. Read More...


Anima Cloud

Anima Cloud is Sayula’s new upcoming subscription-based service bringing the power of the Anima platform right down to your own desktop Excel, without the need of any complex server-side component installation. Simply sign in to the service for free, download and activate the Anima Cloud client add-in and get started right away.

Within your own Excel you will then be able to browse and activate a large selection of functions, including specialized market data retrieval functions, real-time order books, corporate action notifiers, plus a wide range of specialized analytic functions you can transparently use in your own Excel. Read More...


Company News

Zurich, 21 May 2014. Sayula’s Anima leads the way to the most dynamic and high-performing system for the pricing of structured derivative products, delivering a winning solution to a major Swiss financial institution.